Allied Nurses

Community Midwives

A community midwife from Lewisham Hospital is attached to our practice. She runs the antenatal clinic which is normally held on a Thursday afternoon. The midwife visits all our “new mums” who had their delivery at Lewisham, at home in the 2 week period following birth. If she is on duty when you go into labour, she may be able to deliver your baby for you at the hospital. Please note we do not have an attached midwife from any other hospital other than Lewisham, but you are at liberty to decide where you want your baby.

Community Nurses

The team attached to the practice is responsible for nursing care in the community. For advice, please telephone 020 3 049 3000 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Health Visitors

The health visiting service is staffed by registered nurses who have further specialist training particularly relating to expectant mothers and school-age children. Services include development assessments, child health clinics, counselling and health education. You can contact them directly on 020 3049 1800.